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    Summer 2011 Holiday Programme

    We had our first-ever Holiday Programme in July 2011. 33 children attended, and we enjoyed glorious sunshine! Our activities included: Skill sessions on turning, free-kicks, defending, shooting, 1v1 and 2v1s; Football tennis and football cricket; Multi-skill circuits, including tennis, cricket, target practice; Small-sided games from 2v2 to 7v7; Mini-tournaments; and Kids v Coaches games.

    The emphasis throughout the programme was on Learning. We challenged the children to set themselves targets each day of what they want to learn. Each child was given a Player Board, a sheet of A2 paper pinned up in our indoor break area. On this sheet the children could record anything they had done well, and anything new they had learnt. Children could also write on each other's Player Boards, and coaches could also provide feedback and stars for great performance or team-work. The coaches had a Coaches Board too, where children could let us know what we were doing well.

    At the end of the week, we presented each player with their Player Board. Here are some examples of what Player Boards looked like by the end of the week:

    This commitment to Learning won Ministry of Football the prestigious Growth Mindset Educator Award. Click here to read more about it. 

    2012 Summer Holiday Programme

    We ran two weeks of football programmes in August 2012, enjoyed by over 60 children. The video below shows footage from the one rainy afternoon when we forced indoors:

    Top 5 Reasons Why Our Holiday Programmes Are Diffferent

    1. Your children will be learning from experts.

    We do not employ babysitters. Our coaches are experienced teachers of football. They have age-appropriate football coaching qualifications,  as well as Level 2 or UEFA B badges. They are expert communicators. They are all CRB checked of course.

    football coaching.JPG

    2. We take learning seriously.

    We have a specfic aim: To develop creative, confident, skilful football players who enjoy the game. Sure, the children will enjoy the holiday programme - but more importantly they will learn skills that will improve their confidence to play football and to be creative in games. For example, we will use video analysis of the small-sided games to help players evaluate their strengths and weaknesses.

    3. Our way of doing things is tried and tested.

    The programme will follow the Ministry of Football values of player-centred learning, enjoyment, creativity and inclusion. We run excellent weekend sessions, that give all children the chance to excel and grow. These same values will be fundamental to all activities on our holiday programmes.

    4. We are local experts.

    We have been teaching football in Muswell Hill for four years. Over 100 children from Muswell Hill primary and secondary schools attend our weekend sessions. Feedback from the parents on the programme has been very positive. We value the input of parents and children, and welcome constructive criticism. In fact, it is due to parent suggestion that we have decided to run a holiday programme. 

    ministry of football coaching.JPG

    5. We believe in children's football for children.

    Ministry of Football is a founding member of the National Children's Football Alliance. We don't believe that adults have any place in children's football unless we have something positive to offer. Where possible we run sessions that allow children to lead their own activities. Because children love to play games, this usually means that Ministry of Football sessions are games, games and more games.