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Ministry of Football has a Child Protection Policy and Codes of Conduct for all those involved in delivering sessions, programmes and events to children.

Please visit the Safety and Child Protection page for details.

Please visit the Data Protection page for details on what data we collect, and how and why we use it etc.


What can players and parents expect from Ministry of Football coaches?

 Coaches will be ready to start the session on time, will be prepared and organised; Coaches will be friendly, learn and use players' names, be available to discuss progress with parents after session if needed; Coaches will keep sessions player-centred, will keep the focus of the group, and not let poor attitude or behaviour of some children affect the learning and enjoyment of others. 

What do Ministry of Football coaches expect from the players and parents?

To arrive and be ready to play on time;  To listen to coaches and each other, to respect coaches and each other; Parents: no coaching from the sides! Just let the kids play!

 See the For Parents page and find out how you can be a Great Football Parent!


Places on MoF programmes are not reserved for any player until full payment has been made. Payment in full at least one week before the beginning of the programme ensures a place is reserved (providing spaces are still available). Refunds on this payment are only considered in the instance of serious, long-term illness or injury.

In cases where a player has shown severe or continuing poor behaviour or attitude (including failure to comply with the players' Code of Conduct), Ministry of Football reserves the right to expel that player from the programme. In this instance, a refund will be given covering the remaining sessions minus any administrative costs incurred.



'Every Child Matters: Change for Children' is a UK government approach to the well being of children and young people from birth to age 19. Ministry of Football actively supports this initiative and will work together with local authorities to achieve its outcomes.

Outcomes for children and young people

The Every Child Matters green paper identified the five outcomes that are most important to children and young people:

Be healthy; Stay safe; Enjoy and achieve; Make a positive contribution; Achieve economic well-being

The five outcomes are universal ambitions for every child and young person, whatever their background or circumstances. Improving outcomes for all children and young people underpins all of the development and work within children's trusts.

The outcomes are mutually reinforcing. For example, children and young people learn and thrive when they are healthy, safe and engaged; and the evidence shows clearly that educational achievement is the most effective route out of poverty.

This means that the organisations involved with providing services to children - from hospitals and schools, to police and voluntary groups - will be teaming up in new ways, sharing information and working together, to protect children and young people from harm and help them achieve what they want in life. Children and young people will have far more say about issues that affect them as individuals and collectively.

Over the next few years, every local authority will be working with its partners, through children's trusts, to find out what works best for children and young people in its area and act on it. They will need to involve children and young people in this process, and when inspectors assess how local areas are doing, they will listen especially to the views of children and young people themselves.