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Ministry of Football is keen to assess impact of its programme, and add to the wider debate on children's learning. These Research pages show how we have tried to measure learning on our programme.

Active Learning Time - measured by parents

 Active Learning Time in coach evaluations

Measuring Learning in Small-Sided Games


Measurement sheet for Active Learning Time

(for use in football sessions, sports programmes, PE lessons etc)


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Ministry of Football is well-placed to conduct research into children's football development. We do not have the constraints of following a club philosophy, we have a very supportive group of parents, and we have enough children on our programme to conduct surveys and research projects that produce statistically significant results.

How does learning happen? What does learning look like? How should we assess the impact of development programmes?

The above questions are tricky to answer and they spark lots of debate. At MoF we don't feel we have an exact answer, but we love to explore the topic and find new ways of examining what we are achieving. It's not easy to measure learning, especially not in the physical world of sport and movement. Watch the videos below: How would you measure how much is being learnt?