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As well as being punctual and reliable, these are

qualities that MoF coaches should have and be growing:


Assessing player needs

A learning coach


The MoF Session Checklist



The 7 things that a MoF session must have:

Problem statement

Session plan

Game-based learning

Simple, varied activities

High 'Active Learning Time'

Fair, fun, inclusive behaviours

Uninterrupted games (joy & flow)


5 key inputs into the session of an expert MoF coach:

Coaching interventions

Managing difference

Child collaboration and problem solving

Providing feedback to children

Bridging learning



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Definition: Taking skills from one context and using them in another

What skills? (in MoF context)

  • Technical football skills
  • Tactical football skills (decision-making in game-based activities)
  • Physical and movement skills (related to football)
  • Problem-solving skills (working with others)
  • Social and communication skills (working with others)
  • Confidence and creativity skills (related to football)

Further MoF context

  • One hour per week
  • No knowledge of what they are learning outside of MoF (school work or other football learning)
  • Football skills practices without competitive or larger-format games

So, what can we do?    

Bridge the skills through the game formats into larger sided games

1v1  >  2v2  >  3v3  >  4v4  >  5v5


  • When to pass and when to dribble? (creating and using 2v1 overloads). This could be taught in small 2v1 activities, but then bridged into a 3v3 game.
  • Can you take the 2v2 skills and use them in a 4v4? E.g. Creating width as a pair in attack, or depth in defence in a 2v2, and then relate this to the 4-person situation of a 4v4.

The session plan below was used in the Nov 2016 Coaches Meeting to demonstrate how the skills of Staying on the Ball can be bridged from using these skills individually, to using them as a pair, to using them as a small team.

Session Plan: Bridging in the MoF Context