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As well as being punctual and reliable, these are

qualities that MoF coaches should have and be growing:


Assessing player needs

A learning coach


The MoF Session Checklist



The 7 things that a MoF session must have:

Problem statement

Session plan

Game-based learning

Simple, varied activities

High 'Active Learning Time'

Fair, fun, inclusive behaviours

Uninterrupted games (joy & flow)


5 key inputs into the session of an expert MoF coach:

Coaching interventions

Managing difference

Child collaboration and problem solving

Providing feedback to children

Bridging learning



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The children on MoF


Desirable difficulties


Adjusting the difficulty and complexity

In any group / activity / task, you will have some players who find the activity easy and some who find it difficult. Different groups will emerge:

Forging Ahead  - These children excel at the task. They are often seen as the star players, by their coach and peers. It is vital that these players are challenged so that they continue to develop and fulfil their potential.

Striving to Keep up - These children may need the task to be made slightly simpler, or allowed to carry out the task in a manner that suits their needs. There may be many reasons why these players are struggling to keep up. The reasons could be to do with physical capabilities, technical skill, or an understanding of the practice.

“The skill of the coach is to identify which players within the group need to be challenged further, which players are OK to continue with the original task, and which players need support in order to catch up with the rest of the group”   

– The FA’s ‘The Future Game’, 2010

How can you make the task easier for those who are striving to keep up? How can you make the task more challenging for those who are forging ahead? Use the STEPs template (below) to help you find ways of changing individual tasks.

It is very important for coaches to consider how to amend the task for certain players. These changes to sessions should be thought about before the session and should comprise part of the coach’s session plan.

Coaches don’t need to stop the session in order to assist those players who are struggling, or to challenge those who are finding it too easy. In fact, it may not be a good idea to single out those players in front of their peers. Instead, coaches can have a quick chat with players during the activity. (e.g.  to challenge a player finding something easy: “Josh, can you keep your head-up while you receive the ball, and use the other foot to make the pass?”)

Grouping children within groups