The Ministry of Football Self-Reflection Tool helps children to:

  • Take ownership of their learning
  • Learn to learn
  • Develop their football skills


Learn from the best

The following footballers, athletes, experts and coaches feature in the Self-Reflection Tool:


Abby Wambach, Adam Lallana, Alex Morgan, Andres Iniesta,   Cesc Fabregas, Cristiano Ronaldo, Dani Alves, Darren Fletcher, David Beckham, David Pizarro, David Silva,  Diego Maradona, Eric Abidal, Eric Cantona, Francesco Totti, Luis Gustavo, Gareth Bale, Gary Linekar, Holger Badstuber, Jesus Navas, Jordi Alba, Laurent Koscielny, Leo Messi, Luis Gustavo, Maicon, Marta Viera da Silva, Michael Carrick, Michael Laudrup, Miroslav Klose, Nemanja Vidic, Petr Cech, Rachel Yankey, Ryan Giggs, Santi Cazorla, Steve Gerrard, Steven Caulker,  Tony Adams, Vincent Kompany, Xavi Hernandez, Zlatan Ibrahimovic

From other sports

Sir Ben Ainslie, Dan Carter, Derek Redmond, Jessica Ennis-Hill, Jonny Wilkinson, Laura Robson, Michael Jordan, Mo Farah, Rafa Nadal, Roger Federer, Sir Steve Redgrave

Coaches and learning experts

Arsene Wenger, Carol Dweck, Daniel Coyle, Gareth Southgate, Glenn Hoddle, John Wooden, Sir Ken Robinson, Pep Guardiola, Matthew Syed


Quotes and reviews

"Ahead of the game" - Bill Beswick, sports psychologist

"A fantastic learning aid for youngsters" - Dan Abrahams, football psychologist



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Mark Carter

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I would be particularly keen to discuss the following ideas:

Developing a Self-Reflection Tool for Coaches, for Goalkeepers, for 12-16 and 17-21 year old players (position specific), for other sports, or for other areas of learning.


About the author

I am a consultant statistician, with specific expertise in statistical and data analysis and management on high-profile national programmes. Previous clients include Medical Research Council, Network Rail, Royal Mail and national education programmes.

I am a children's football coach with decades of experience of developing footballers in Papua New Guinea, New Zealand and England. I have set-up and managed successful skill development programmes in all three countries. I have completed the FA Youth Modules and Youth Award, and the FA Psychology in Football Level 5. I have a passion for learning through play.




Muswell Hill's Number 1 Football Development Programme



Instructions, Background and Download


The Ministry of Football Self-Reflection Tool helps children to improve their football skills and enhance their ability to learn and perform in football. It does this by collecting information from them on their experience of playing football, and uses that information to rate or score specific technical or psychological areas. Children can then choose a specific area to work on, and the Tool provides help in the form of video tutorials, homework tasks and challenges.

To download the Self-Reflection Tool, click on the link below.


Download requirements and instructions

  • The Tool requires Microsoft Excel to be installed in your computer. It does not currently therefore work on an iPad or mobile device. It will not work on a Mac.
  • You need to enable macros to work in Excel when you download the Tool. Click here for information on how to enable macros in Excel.
  • You will need internet access, a printer and Adobe Flash Player in order to use the Tool fully.

How does it work?

The Self-Reflection Tool is a Microsoft Excel form and associated website, and is developed for use by MoF children aged 9-11 who play football regularly (although any football child could benefit from using it). 

The Excel tool (downloadable above) asks a variety of questions of the child's experience of playing football. These questions are in the form of statements such as "I tackle someone" or "My passes don't go where I want them to", and also include non-technical, psychological statements such as "My performance is negatively affected by something the referee says or does". In response to each statement, the child needs to pick an option from: Never / Not very often / Sometimes / Often / Always.

From the child's answers, a hidden matrix calculates the child's strong and weaker areas. An example of an area could be: "Off-the-ball movement", or "Defending 1-on-1". Or it could be a psychological area such as "Mental Control, Composure and Resilience". The Tool presents the child with their strongest and weakest area and the child chooses one of the weaker areas to work on.

Once the child has chosen an area to work on, the Tool sends them to a webpage which has been specially designed with tasks, advice and challenges for their specific area. The child works through the homework tasks. An example of homework might be to watch some tuition videos and answer some questions, or to do some technical practice with a ball. Once the child is ready, they print their area-specific challenge and bring this to their coach. This gives the coach info on what the child is working on, and what they have done for homework to prepare for their improvement. It also gives the child the chance to write down any particular problems they are having. The coach can then - over the course of several weeks I imagine - help the child to develop in their chosen area.

For Clubs and Schools

PDF - how to use the SRT on your programme (COMING SOON!)


The Ministry of Football Self-Reflection Tool has been developed by Mark Carter.

Mark Carter is a UEFA B Qualified coach, with many years experience coaching in football. He has completed the highest FA Youth Module and FA Psychology in Football levels, and is founder and director of the Ministry of Football programme. He is also a consultant statistician.

With thanks to all those who have given help, feedback and advice.



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